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in a pipe in texas. she came to be known as jessica. crews worked furiously to try to rescue her. >> to the cheers and applause of hundreds of volunteers here in midland texas and perhaps millions around the world. 18 month old jessica mcclure was lifted to the surface wednesday night. there were bandages on her head and perhaps a brace on her leg. but after more than 50 hours, 22 feet below ground this baby looked great. she was quickly rushed to the hospital to be check out. but for the past three days and nights, this little doll has surprised and impressed everyone. she has cried, hummed and sung her way into the hearts of the volunteers who have come from all around to help. >> she would move her left foot or whatever, she could push her body some what. her hands were next to her head. doubled up like this with the right food next to the right side of her head. and she just, she didn't like the pulling. she told me no once. and griping at me but once we got close, just took off. that, she's out. >> what this baby needs is for her mother to hold her in her arms and i think th
's good. >> jessica has a thing. >> who knew? >> and here's some more things. >> the horse in the car. >> come on, people. anything, anything at all. >> black babies. >> what are you, freaking nuts? >> maybe. >> black baby? nope. and that was chad's free for all section! >> it's always good to see you. >> all right. we have ben stein. we're talking hurricane sandy with ben stein. >> do you think that new york city is prepared for the relief efforts of hurricane sandy? >> i think they're extraordinarily well-prepared. i'm very impressed. >> artie lang posted a picture of himself with a flashlight. he said god i miss electricity. [laughter] >> he is a cool guy. >> i'm impressed. >> all right, thank you very much. have a good day, mr. stein. >> lindsay, one question. >> lindsay vaughn, olympic skier. >> [beep]. >> this is hilarious. >> sorry. we have to interrupt really quick. >> what? >> hey, johnny, can we talk about your parents for a second? >> what happened? >> johnny walker's parents went out for halloween. the dad dressed as dax and the mom is charles. >> your dad rocks. >> your
, memories are made with ikea. >>> jessica is an rtm staffer and she likes to cook. i give you jessica's pork cheeseball. >> so thanksgiving is coming up and maybe you're thinking you've got menus together, you need an appetizer. i've got a simple one you can do, not many ingredients and super easy, too. let me tell you what's in it. >> we need to point out jessica's nickname is cheese. whatever she's cooking is going to have cheese in it. >> let me tell you how much, two cups of sharp, two cups of mild, baking mix, a pound of hot breakfast sausage. >> looks like a lot of cheese but i love cheese and it turns out so good. >> that's why her nickname is cheese, she loves cheese so much. >> roll that puppy up, bake 12 to 15. >> put toothpicks and serve with barbecue sauce or homemade ranch. >> she could have a cooking show in her future. did you smell this stuff? >> super delicious. >> i want to heat these things. i've been hearing about these cheesy pork balls. i want to eat them. >> jessica. >> can somebody do the move where they pull them out of the oven ready made. >> true. >> the ranch dip.
. jessica, i got you a bunch of good stuff. i figured i would get started. we're in the safeway across from at&t park helping to kick off the annual holiday food drive with over 600,000 people in the bay area that will need some sort of help as we head throughout the holidays. last year raised over half a million dollars and we're looking to top that. joining us with the san francisco giants and it's really a natural partnership not only with safeway but, of course, with nbc bay area as we head into the holidays. >> absolutely we've been partners with safeway for years now and also the san francisco food banks have been a great partner over the years so something that we're more than happy to partner on and help out with. >> we know you are so huge on the community and you're basically encouraging all of those giants fans now that the world series is over you wanted to take some of that spirit, some of that pride, and bring it out to the safeway stores this weekend. >> all of those who came out to the parade and games to come out to the safeway. we're look iing for our fans to come ought an
justin timberlake and jessica beale, among the volunteers helping clean up storm-ravaged rockaways queen. they were handing out food and supplies. >>> and the country's largest four-year college system is looking to crackdown on superseniors. officials at the california state university system which has over 400,000 students they'll vote this week on gradua graduation incentive themes. to make room for new students, triple the costs for students that take five years to finish. >>> finally, the newest balloons in macy's thanksgiving day parade. they went out for a test-drive. hundreds of volunteers with hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on the shelf. >> are you looking forward to that parade sf. >> very much so. sometimes they have crashed into street lights. they have to be careful. >> enough with the crane in new york. >>> time now to check the weather, ginger zee in the house. good morning. >> one of the biggest snow totals that we found yesterday was in montana, they had 48 inches. parts of colorado had a lots in the mountains itself. created a little problem on a runway here. kmgh, our
enough money in double jeopardy! so he didn't have to worry quite as much in the final. jessica and colin, there's a lesson there. perhaps you watched, and perhaps you learned something. nd. and now, the categories, which are... y! rou followed by... double "o" coming up in each correct response. and, finally... don't want to run with scissors. alex: paul, start. let's go with capital attractions for $200. paul. what is athens? that's it. world for $400. paul. what is lima? lima in peru, yes. world for $600. paul. [ sighs ] what is amsterdam? amsterdam. correct. another one. world for $800. answer -- daily double. just like [ applause ] well, you'll get it out of the way early, and that will probably please jessica and colin. how much do you want to risk? let's do a daily double. althat.t. here is the clue. what is warsaw? warsaw in poland. yes. [ applause ] $2,400. capital for $1,000. colin. what is wellington? wellington. yes, for $1,000. "oo" what's that? for $200. paul. what is a nook? nook. "oo" for $400. paul. what is a goober? correct. "oo" for $600. colin. what is a mood ring? moo
they will pass on to all of you when those things are happening. >> chair: jessica, i think the idea of including the mayor's disability council and the technical assistance guidelines is excellent. my colleagues are interested in that. before i -- have you been in contact with chief inspector bosky at the department of building inspection? she may be able to offer support as well. >> we have been working closely with rosemary bosky (sounds like) since the beginning; she has been wonderful, helping us understand what is in the code, what should be in the code, making amendments to the legislation as well. >> thank you. >> thank you for your presentations. my head is swimming actually. i would like to say that what we are talking about here - most of my colleagues would agree - clean, affordable housing are human rights. in the city of san francisco we have resources to see to it that that is the fact. with that said, first i want to talk a moment about bedbugs. i have a friend in an sro on jones -- he went through quite an ordeal to get management to respond; he call t
$1500. >> i have the rights to the reality show, jessica and henry living in one of those things as roommates. >> i was going to say, 220 square feet, bigger than the dog house i sleep in every night. if i have to share it with jessica i'm willing to share with the jessica. if she don't mind bad smelling feet i'm great to live with. >>> he roamed the sidelines for more than a decade in berkeley but jeff tedford is no longer the head man for the bears football team. >>> the giants rolled out the orange carpet for a movie release of world championship proportions. that's next in sporters. rs. s. >>> welcome back to nbc bay area. a coaching career spiralled out of control and jeff tedford has been fired after 11 years with the team. he will receive $6 million in compensation. the bears lost their last five games of the season. cal was ranked up to number two in the country in 2007 but they were 23-27 of the past four years. he won a school record 82 games. and the athletic director said letting the coach go was a disk decision. >> jeff tedford is a good man who has brought great suc
. for more on the campaign closing hours let's go to jessica williams and aasif mandvi. they are with the candidates right now. jessica, you're at obama's final rally in des moines >> the mood here is positively electric. j-z is killing it. and since this is iowa, they think he's actually talking about cheese. which they really like so it's a very positive message. >> jon: thank you very much. aasif mandvi you're with the romney campaign in manchester new hampshire >> that's right, jon. different feeling here. romney is talking about the consequences of re-electing obama: high unemployment, slow growth. something will rise from the sea and destroy the city. standard speech >> jon: what is that in the background? >> you hear that too. because nobody is playing it. there is no dj, nothing. there is no sound system. it's really kind of eerie >> jon: have you seen the headliner yet? >> no. springsteen doesn't go on for another hour. dave matthews was here. katie perry rocked it. >> jon: aasif mandvi, what is it like where you are? >> a meatloaf sighting a couple of days ago
're tried serendipity's he can of a job brownie but it is to die for. >> jon: jessica, is that you? >> yeah! >> jon: are those rats on your jacket? >> yeah, you buying? free range. fresh. (laughter) very fresh. >> jon: jessica, is everything okay? >> i knew i should have moved to the upper west side but, no, lower east side is where it's at. lower east side is cool. they have indian food! >> jess, jessica, please understand that life up here is no picnic. we're barely making do. (laughter) my book of mormon seats tonight? obstructed view. (laughter) >> all i've had to drink today is urine. (laughter). >> jon: your own urine, i hope, al, is that -- >> no! everyone's. because this is a community! okay? there is no "i" in "urine." (laughter). >> jon: actually, al, there is an "i" in "urine." >> well, there's also a "u." >> jon: thank you, everybody, we'll check if with you guys later. anyway, it's been a harrowing couple of days for all of us. once again a huge debt of gratitude not only to first responders who have risked their lives to save others or-- as they call it-- going to work. (laugh
favro is live in san jose. it's not sitting well with parents. >> reporter: no it really is not, jessica. the registered sex offender was volunteering here at this parish last month during a church festival. parents tell me there were hundreds of kids at that festival. when deputies questioned him, he produced a letter from the church that gave him authorization to be here at the school. tonight, both sheriff's deputies and the diocese are investigating that letter. >> the controversy centers over whether this man is a registered sex offender convicted of child molestation should have been volunteering in san jose at a pair irn. a parent alerted a sheriff's deputy working security that he was a sex offender. >> our deputy made contact with the man who was cooperative throughout the incident. made contact with mr. gear i. he did acknowledge that he was a sex registrant. our deputy confirmed it through dispatch. however, mr. gear i provided information that he had permission to be on school grounds by way of a letter from church officials that gave him permission to be there. >> surprising
to jessica doyle who has charles san tang low and also an author. >> of course we're talking about the situation with the electoral vote. versus the popular vote. and at first, it seemed like one was going to go one way, one was go to go the other. if you look at the electoral votes there's 100 point swing between the into candidates -- two candidates. the popular vote there's a two million vote swing. that's in the a landslide. that's not that wide. >> it's not a landslide at all jessica but the good news is that we could fix it. we could have a constitutional amendment to change that so that we have a straight popular vote. it doesn't have to stay like that. >> is there an advantage to keeping the electoral college versus going straight with a popular vote? which would therefore you know be representative of every person's vote counting. >> you know, the founding fathers created that system. we believe that it's ant kuwaited. so my -- antiquated so my sense is that we should change it. it creates the possibility of a split decision. let's fix it and move on. >> you're an experts
of "your money" at 1:00 p.m. eastern. jessica yellin is the white house correspondent. lisa is the capitol hill correspondent for cnn radio. ali, you and i have been yelling from the rooftops about the fiscal cliff for months. the election is now out of the way so the rest of the world is beginning to get how serious this is. so people are now aware that deep cuts are coming and economic disaster could happen. no one wants it to happen, but not a whisper about what the deal looks like. are you worried? >> i am worried and i'll tell you why i'm worried. i also thought they'd get the debt ceiling debate done a year ago and they almost brought us to the brink of disaster on that. i'm worried that washington even under remarkable pressure doesn't always do the right thing. i'm not satisfied now that the fiscal cliff is getting the love that it deserves. everybody is talking about it, it's the first order of business. nobody in washington is talking about anything else right now. so i think everybody gets this is very serious. i just want to remind people the u.s. is growing at 2% right now. th
if it's rejected. jessica doyle is up next to break it all down for us. >>> well tell you why congress is looking into the meningitis outbreak. >> 9 news now is back in just two minutes. >>> nour:39 on this election morning. freeze warnings until 9:00. the growing season ending for just about all of us. cloudy early, otherwise a decently sunny day. highs near 50. by 6:00 some high clouds starting to move in. temperatures back in the mid- 40s. sunset today 5:02. monica. >>> in manassas on the south side of i-66 lanes are open just south of this point, though, balls ford road at route 234 completely shut down with serious accident involving a truck and a diesel fuel spill. keep that in mind for your travel plans. i'll have more information coming up in the next report at 4:47. back to you, guys. >> thanks, monica. >>> in our campaign 2012 coverage, we go to jessica doyle. she's at the election wall. >> i can't wait to see the election wall. they're looking at question 7 in maryland. there it is. nice reveal, jessica. over to you. >>reporter: thanks so much. question 7 is a referendum
. >>> and actors justin timberlake and jessica biel were among the volunteers helping clean up storm-ravaged rockaway, queens. according to "us" magazine, they were handing out food to victims, victims who live there and were hard hit by that storm. >>> the country's largest four-year college system is looking to crack down on so-called super seniors. officials at the california state university system, which has over 400,000 students, will vote this week on graduation incentive fees aimed at encouraging to finish their degrees in four years to make room for new students. it can triple the cost for students who complete five years to finish. >>> finally, with thanksgiving less than two weeks away, the newest balloons in macy's thanksgiving day parade, well, they went out for a test drive. hundreds of volunteers took hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on the shelf for a spin on saturday. all the balloons undergo tests for flight patterns and aerodynamics so that they can safely navigate that parade route. >> are you looking forward to that parade? >> very much so. sometimes they've crash
. a new production starring jessica chastain, david straithairn, and dan stevens recently opened at the walter kerr theatre. here's a look. >> it is a great wonder for me that morris should come into my life. i never thought i would meet a man who would understand me as he does. >> you underestimate your many qualities, my dear. i have always hoped that you would meet a fine young man who would match your goodness with his own. >> and here i have found the goodness, and with it, everything else. oh, father, don't you think he is the most beautiful man you have ever seen? ( laughter ) >> he is very good looking, my dear, but you wouldn't let that sway you unduly. >> oh, no. but that is what is so wonderful to me-- that he should have everything, everything that a woman could want-- and he wants me. >> rose: the starring cast from the heiress" joins me now. jessica chastain plays catherine sloper, david straithairn is her father, dr. austin sloper, and dan steven is her suitor, morris townshend. i'm pleased to have all of them here at this table. let me just start with how did this
hispanos que buscan ocupar escaÑos y aparece jessica p puente. >> se convierte en la primera mujer hispana >> se considera que llegÓ a los 4 aÑos de edad procedente de matt moros. >> era sincera y decidiÓ que querÍa una oportunidad que solamente le ofrece al paÍs norte d norte. >> en las calles con los pobres. siguiendo. >> y luego cruzamos el puente nos veÍamos aqui y yo sabÍa que era un paÍs distinto, aqui estaba la oportunidad. >> para lograr hasta lo que parece imposible para muchos. >> por eso hoy dÍa corre por convertirse en primera mujer y la primera hispana en representar a texas en el congreso de los estados unidos. >> yo sÉ que enviaste para el congreso. calle por calle. casa por casa. >> jessica explica a los residentes cuando va por washington. >> le importa la comunidad, la gente. >> la campaÑa polÍtica es cuestiÓn familiar, sucede de partido es en casa, es en la pizarra en donde organiza con sus esposos e hijos las labores del dÍa. >> el 79% de los habitantes que viven en el distrito son hispanos y para ellos despuÉs de la economÍa el tema de minimo gregs es l
jessica leyman (sounds like) from the senior disability action, former senior action network and plan for elders. and josh -- from the mission sro collaborative. will hear about the report on sros, and finally we'll here about exciting news. i would like to invite both of you guys to come out and help us out. thank you so much for being here. >> good afternoon. my name is josh vining, community organizer with the mission sro collaborative. i want to give a big thank you to the mdc for inviting us here today and sharing the work that we have been working on for quite a while. it's exciting. some of what we learned in the report is not shocking or no new news. but we do have a report based on a survey of over 150 sro tenant citywide who are either seniors or people with disabilities. who want to share a little bit about the results of the survey and the recommendations that came out as well. as far as sros go, i want to do an overview about what they are. we learned little bit from joanna earlier. typically, an sro is an 8x10 size room with a sink. some are smaller; some large
housing amendment act. part of what the issues are in your recommendations, jessica, doing outreach with tenants about the fair housing amendment act rights, and the opportunity to actually create a reasonable accommodation for the landlord, that would allow for submission of the medical documentation for disability. that is not unheard of. that takes care the fact of nonvisible disabilities. there is also the fear of retaliation, particularly in places where there is not enough control because of the lack of the city contract. we have a lot of success in city funded sros, and nonprofit organizations. that everybody can benefit from knowing what their civil rights are in terms of their housing. >> chair: thank you. cochair james, and program administrator -- >> i have a two-part question. one part is about the desk clerks and having someone who listen to you if you have a complaint. the complaint goes to management? they know they are trained to de escalate situation? i don't know about the training that desk clerks would have at sros. >> i think that the short answer is, t
to jessica at this point to talk a little bit more about what the results of the report were and some of the recommendations that came out of that report. >> thank you. thanks so much to the council for having us here and thank you to joanna fraguli for coordinating this. it is exciting work. it is wonderful to get into it and we see a lot of potential for making positive changes. i will pick up where josh left us, talk about the survey and the results, and go through the series of recommendations leading to one civic recommendation that is now in legislation. the top concerns found in the survey were widespread, sadly. there were all kinds of problems.. people talk about a lot of different things. top concerns included personal safety, on a lot of levels. visitors were getting into the building when they shouldn't be, having interpersonal problems with other tenants, all kinds of other safety harassment issues. these are not in order. bedbugs and other infestations including roaches, rats, mice, an ongoing problem. bedbugs are being dealt with separately; a problem for from bei
. thank you. >> thank you. any other speakers? jessica lee. >> hi commissioners, my name is jessica and i'm a corporate attorney turned volunteer for off the grid. i am a recent -- i recently moved to san francisco and learned about off the grid and the food trucks, the booming food truck business here and felt very compelled to get involved and help out especially with the new legislation currently on the tabe >> one point i wanted to clarify, since it's been discussed today. this talk about the 300' radius. much as we certainly do appreciate supervisor wiener's office getting involved and putting insomuch work and
news starts now. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. get ready for wind and rain. it will be soggy with rainfall totals of five inches expected and blustery winds that could have gusts topping 60 miles an hour. jeff ranieri is tracking the storm from the weather center. cheryl hurd is showing us what homeowners are doing to get ready, and kris sanchez is in san jose tw simple steps you can take to make sure your commute is safe for tomorrow morning. chris? >> hi there, jessica. the storms
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. any other speakers? jessica lee. >> hi commissioners, my name is jessica and i'm a corporate attorney turned volunteer for off the grid. i am a recent -- i recently moved to san francisco and learned about off the grid and the food trucks, the booming food truck business here and felt very compelled to get involved and help out especially with the new legislation currently on the tabe >> one point i wanted to clarify, since it's been discussed today. this talk about the 300' radius. much as we certainly do appreciate supervisor wiener's office getting involved and putting insomuch work and time put into it, as he said a big push for this legislation was to eliminate the sort of incidencery discretionary decision-making in the existing legislation that allows the department to make decisions about which foods are fleeting within the 300' radius. so i just wanted to make it clear and put it on the record that the proposed legislation's 300' zone is still allows the same type of discretion from the department to decide on whether a permit should be granted depending on which restauran
very much. >> thank you. i have -- additional cards to name? jessica dur man ackerman and david mccord. >> hi. i am jessica ackerman and conservation staff with the sierra club and i am here to represent the 30,000 members in the bay area. i want to thank the supervisors for talking about the importance of this program and climate change and the importance of the program at for outreach. this is opportunity for economic growth but only if it includes local build out and we're seeing strong benefits and the installation of clean energy, energy efficiency, and leveraging other regional sources and we are concerned that the pln has a stagnant rate of power on the open market and -- dear the duration of the shell contract. a proposal is being delivered right now that will shape or improve the developments and resources and financial modeling and make the economy more sustainable and provide economic benefits to our people and effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the way cleanpower sf has passed the board of supervisors is as opt out program and the language used in the outreac
. >> the woman actually called me, the mother of the child, crying. >>> jessica biel's first interview about her wedding with justin timberlake. >> our ceremony was really beautiful. i just feel bubbly and sparkly. >>> plus, is selena gomez back with justin bieber? where we caught the exes out together. >>> then, "e.t.'s" power list with jessica simpson. our all-new interview. >> people were banging on the car and i felt like a beatle.
of the evacwees, brother sister, jessica and jeff juan, i know you were awoken at 5 in the morning. , tell us what happened. >> police started ringing the doorbell and the gates and told us to evacuate. i look out the window and what i see, mud. mud on the hood of my car, and i was like, oh, no, really. what a great way to start the morning. >> reporter: and jessica i know you were talking about the family car, what happened with that. >> it's halfway filled up to the tires so we can't drive out of the driveway. >> reporter: what does it look like out there. >> it's fillinged with thick mud and water running down the street. we had to evacuate and i mean, the center area is actually across the street from my house and we had to walk all the way around. >> reporter: how is this going to affect both of your mornings. >> to me it's more concern about my belongings in the house. they said to park my class and all my stuff, my belongings, my memories, not too sure what's going to happen. do i really want to go to work, maybe, i don't know. >> reporter: and for you jessica. >> i'll try to make it to wor
their bluff and they've laid out how they want to cut the debt. jessica yellin is over at the white house for us tonight with new developments. jessica, what are the specifics of this offer tonight? >> reporter: hi, wolf. according to senior officials on both sides of the aisle, the president is asking for $1.6 trillion in new taxes. that includes raising taxes for families who make $250,000 or more. you'll recognize that as a pledge from his campaign. and it also includes limiting deductions and loopholes as well as other changes to capital gains and dividends taxes. well, that is the headline for republicans, wolf, who say it is far more money in tax rates than they ever expected to hear from the white house in any offer. moving on to some other aspects of the proposal, secretary geithner on capitol hill also outlined in this plan an intention to extend unemployment insurance, $50 billion in stimulus for next year, and creating some kind of permanent mechanism to extend the debt limit so we don't repeat a crisis like last summer. now, what would they get in return? what would the white
miran desde las vega dicen y saludos para jessica fox. >>> gracias patty! >>> (cantando). >>> espérate un poco qué es eso? (risas). (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. (mÚsica). ♪ ♪. >>> y al regresar tenemos mentire, mentira, mentira, quién dice la verdad?! ya regresamos... (mÚsica). anuncian el cierre de esceulas en el distrito... le diremos cuales son y que cambios enfrentararan sus estudiantes. por auto o por avion, si piensa viajar durante esta epoca festiva hay precauciones que debera tener encuenta para evitar malos ratos.protestan tre ayer denunciaron falta de pago por parte de su patrono. en los deportes brise harper el novasto del ano de la liga nacional jovenes indocumentados graduados de escuelas de derecho inician una campaÑa para que los estados les otoguen licencias y poder ejercer la profesion de abogacia... fernando pizarro nos amplia.. las escuelas publicas del distrito de columbia han dado a conocer una nueva propuesta con la que se espera el cierre de 20 cuescuelas en la capital.. escuelas que serÁn cons
. >>> it's 5:05. time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. is it a day off for wall street as well? >> lots of workers today. we're hoping for a better week for wall street. we're coming off one of the worst weeks of the year. it was really terrible for wall street. major averages were down more than 2%. we did see a small rally on friday, though. checking the numbers the dow starts at 12,816 after adding four points. nasdaq added 9. s&p 500 was up by two. tomorrow congress will get to work avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff. that's a series of tax hikes and spending cuts that could cripple the local and national economy in order to reduce the deficit. president barack obama is inviting leaders from the labor and business communities to the white house this week for talks. the president and bipartisan congressional leaders will hold their first fiscal cliff meeting on friday. >>> if you're looking to add fiber to your diet, you probably reach for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, that kind of thing. in japan you can now reach for a pepsi co
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